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Radish, Korean Big Root

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  • South Korea South Korea
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The leaf is green, medium stand type and this variety is fast root growth type for spring. The skin is white and head is green. Texture is soft and shape is long cylinder type. The appearance of cracking root and branched root is little and the bolting is stable. Root length is approximately 30~40cm according to soil nutrition and fertilizer


Too early sowing or bad cultivation condition can cause poor progress of growth. Low temperature(under 13˚C) over the long haul in the beginning stage of growth or the delay of harvest can cause bolting. Because the cultivation in low & swampy place or low nutrition field or non-mealy soil can cause bad shape and physiological problem in texture, the choice of proper cultivationfield is very important. When it is dry with high temperature or over-wet in the late stage of growth, please supply 0.3% boric acid by foliar application. Unripe fertilizer can cause branched root.