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Hot Pepper, Lim Ggeok Jeong

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  • South Korea South Korea
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This variety is very big and early harvest type. The fruit length is 18~30cm and the end side is bent slightly. This is good for green and red fruits but not good for dried powder. The hot taste is weak from the end to meddle and starts to be stronger from medium to head. The greenhouse cultivation is more suitable than field. When it is cultivated in field, because it is very early maturing type, sow 15~20 days later than normal hot pepper and transplant before flowering.


The quantity of dried powder is not good. Too serious high temperature and low temperature can interrupt pollination. When it starts to flower after transplanting, delete the side brunch. When the side brunch is deleted, serious wound can cause stress and the stop of growth. Because it is big fruit type, continuous supplement application is necessary to prevent small fruits.